For non-immigrants, getting Driving license is very important. It can be carried as ID proof instead of passport.

Since i came to India, this blog will mostly address Indian Non Immigrants:

First part:

To get a Driving license in US, you should carry your 6-Point Verification documents.

I carried my H1B visa, I 94 document which gave me 4 points, SSN for 1 Points and ATM Debit card with Photo or bank statement 1 point.

Once we present our documents to DMV helpdesk counter, they will give us the token after verifying the validity and authenticity.

After they call our token number we need to pay around $10 as application fees at the counter and customer service personnel will take photo for further submission.

Second part:

We can take online exam at the DMV center on same day or some other day. There will be 50 questions in total and 40 is the passing mark.One of the trick is to skip questions for which you dont know the answer. Normally candidates who go through New Jersey Motor Driving Manual will have enough information at hand to clear the written test.

Third Part:

Once we clear the Test, we can schedule for Road Test with a Gap of 20 days or 3 months, that depends on our Driving experience level and the proof which we submit to verify the same. I have produced my indian driver’s license and they issues me the License without Road Test. Atlease my 10 yrs of driving helped me in getting a license without Road Test.

Fourth Part:

After you get the license, it is advised to to take Driving classes from some local driving schools. I took 2 classes of 2 hours each. 1 on city limits and 1 on highways.

Now i feel pretty comfortable in driving the vehicles.