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Using “If Loop” in XML Publisher reporting

Usually conditional loops are used in any programming language.

Below is an example to control a message on RTF template based XML Publisher report using IF Loop.

Author is trying to display a message if there are no rows to be displayed on report.


<?xdoxslt:ifelse(number(@rownumber)!=0,’’,’There are no data’)?>

Enjoy for the day!


People Code to Update or Insert values to a record

People Code to Update or Insert values to a record

&Rec = CreateRecord(Record.ABC_JOB);

&Rec.EMPLID.Value = “1”; /*Assign values to all Key fields*/
&result = &Rec.SelectByKey();
&Rec.STATUS.Value = “Active”;
If &result Then

PeopleCode With Yes No Message Box On Page

There might be a requirement where we need to perform some action based on return value of Message Box.

For example: Save the component after user confirms by clicking Yes.

We can use below PeopleCode in Field Change Event.
&Answer = MessageBox(4, “”, 0, 0, “Please confirm if you want to Save”);
If &Answer = 6 Then

&Answer = 6 for response of “Yes”

&Answer = 7 for response of “No”