The Sankalpa which every Hindu makes while initiating any religious  practice, invariably refers to the exact locale where the rite is performed  with reference to the Hindu Cosmology.
( e.g.) In India, the locale part of the Sankalpa would be as follows :
Jambudveepe — In the isle of the rose apple
Bharata Varshe — In the region called Bharata Varsha
Bharatah Khande — In the continent of Bharata etc.

Those doing the rites in the U.S.A, adopt the same as follows:-

Krounchadveepe – Ramanaka Varshe — In the region called Ramanaka Varsha
Aindra Khande– In the continent called Aindra
Rocky –mickelny Parvatayor Madhye : Between the mountains of Rockey and
Mickelny Misissipi —  Missouri Ityadhi Aneka Shodasa Jeeva Nadeenam sameepa
stite –the place that is surrounded by such perenniel rivers like
Mississipi , Missouri and 16 other rivers

It may be noticed that any rituals which a Hindu performs on auspicious as  well as inauspicious occasions always start with a fixation of the precise  time, the star, the day, the Thithi, the fortnight, the month, the season,  the half year , and the year on the micro side as also the quarter of the yuga, the name of the yuga , the name of the cycle, the Manvantara, and
the Kalpa on the Macro side. In fact, orthodox Hindus do this reckoning daily in their ‘Nitya karma Anushtana’ the daily routine Puja ( honouring)  of their Ishtadevata. In this way the formula for describing the exact time  in the eternal cycle has been passed on from generation to generation. This  is what we call the “Sankalpa’ before commencing any rituals. This is also true of fixation of the exact location where the ritual is performed.
Now, let us have a look at this Sankalpa: It goes on like this:
Dviteeya parardhe In the second half of Brahma’s life
Svetavaraha Kalpe In the Kalpa of Sveta Varaha
Vaivaswatha Manvantare In the reign of Vaivaswatha Manu
Ashta Vimsati me within the 28th cycle
Kali Yuge In the Kali yuga
Prathame Pade In the first quarter thereof

Then, the Sankalpa refers to the geographical position of the place where the ritual is performed. Resuming the reference to time, the Sankalpa proceeds further as follows:-
Asmin Varthamane Vyavaharike :In the current period now proceeding
Prabavadi Shashti Samvatsaranam Madye :Among the cycle of 60 years starting
from Prabhava
……… Nama Samvatsare: in the year named……….
Dakshinayane or Uttarayane:in the Soutern/ Northern movement of the Sun
………..Ritou: in the season named…….
Mase: in the month of………..
…………Pakshe: in the bright / dark fortnight thereof
…………Punya Thithou:in this holy Thithi numbered……..
………….Vasara uktayam: on the day called………
…………..Nakshatra uktayam: when the star called………holds sway
Then, the Sankalpa proceeds to say that the ritual called…………  performed for the pleasure of the Lord.