Ten Topics to Avoid in Workplace Conversations – Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid – Tell Me Less 

  1. Detailed health problems
  2. Details of sex life
  3. Problems with spouse/partner
  4. Personal Finances [either positive or negative]
  5. Personal religious views
  6. Hot Political topics that evoke passion
  7. Personal lives of other coworkers
  8. Gossip about the boss
  9. Jokes that disparage other ethnic,racial, or religious groups
  10. Lavish purchases.

The bottom line:

  • In an age in which exhaustive information on just about any topic is just a few key strokes away, it’s sometimes easy to forget how much information is too much.
  • Offices without walls, flatter orgs and technology can make it challenge to maintain barriers at work.
  • Self disclosure has its place and can strengthen relationships, but it’s important to balance openness with privacy.
  • Use good judgment about how much to share with others and how much to tolerate hearing when you’re on the receiving end.
  • What you don’t say can tell a lot about you.