To audit the number of effected rows, during conversion/interface run %SQLROWS can be used.

%SQLROWS returns the number of rows affected by the most recent UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT executed through the SQLExec function.
%SQLROWS can also be used after SELECT. It returns 0 if no rows are returned, a non-zero value if one or more rows are returned. In this case, the non-zero value does not indicate the total number of rows returned.

If your application engine step is a SQL step, you could insert a Log Message step below it. Use message set# 18030 and message number 3. This is just a generic message that has 4 variable place holders. In the
Parameters box of your Log Message step, put in %AESECTION,%AESTEP,%SQLROWS,PS_JOB. You can obviously substitute PS_JOB for your record name if you want to see the record name. %SQLROWS is the
important piece and will display the number of row affected by your SQL  step.