I have a record with 2 keyfields and 4 required fields.
One keyfield is at level0 and all the other fields are at level 1. All the fields are editable.
When im trying to key in some information and save the component, i’m getting error which says “XXX field is required”.

This is even if the value is entered in the field.

When i made the level 0 keyfield as display only, then the error is solved.

After research i found that it is a peoplesoft delivered functionality.
We cannot have more than one record on the same level. But we can have same record on level 0 and level 1.
But the requirement to have the same record on level 1 and 0 is that ,level 0 fields should be display only.

when you have same record on level 0 and 1 then it tries to insert 2 rows in the database with same
value of level 0 fields and in level 1 for one row the values you have given. And in second row same level 0 field values but blank level 1