Nugget: If you want things to change, give a clear and direct signal of what you need to have happen.Don’t be part of the 81 % who lie about their feelings. Be the broken record.

How: Think about what you need to say and deliver it in a clear assertive way. Don’t be passive or aggressive.If you need to, start with small things. You do know what kind of bread you like, don’t you? Once you’re on a roll, you’ll get better at putting the signal out.

Nugget: Don’t take the bait.
How: Recognize the trap, choose not to fall into it and swim on to better things.
Why are you telling me this
No i really don’t want to know this information
you’re probably right

Nugget: Exercise your “no” reflex to establish healthy boundaries to your comfort level. Your body will give you a signal that when you are saying “yes” you really mean “no!”

How: Be honest. Set limits. Be persistent. Step back and let others help.