I’m sharing here my experiences of PF withdrawal procedure.

Under any normal circumstances its illegal in India to withdraw your PF. But in transfer procedure there is lot of delay and most of the employees are opting to withdraw the amount.

Keeping in view economic condition and future safety of Employee or person, i personally suggest opening a PPF account if we are opting for withdrawal.

Documents required to submit to your last employer
1.Form 19 (for EPF withdrawal)
2.Form 10c (for EPS withdrawal)
3.A blank cancelled cheque (this is required to verify accuracy of MICR Code Number). The cheque should be of you as a single account holder and not a joint account cheque.

Instructions on how to fill Form 19 and Form 10c
1.Form 19 (for EPF withdrawal, please check below sample form with details)
Sample Form 19
2.Form 10c (for EPS withdrawal,, please check below sample form with details)
Sameple Form 10c

Normally some companies Submit the PF withdrawal forms to PF office and in few cases employees need to submit the form directly in PF office after authentication of forms from the employer.

You can send a courier mail for submission as well. Yes it’s working in Hyderabad. Unlike old days where there is a risk of losing the forms somewhere in postal dept or govt offices, we have a more streamlined procedure now.

Know your claim status

Once your application is forwarded to the epf office by your employer, you can check your claim status on epfo website . You will also receive a sms from epfo stating that your application is received and is under process.

With all this information at your hand, I hope you would enjoy the process of submitting PF forms 🙂

Update: I got my PF money transferred to my account electronically within a month of filing the claims at both PF Chennai-Tambaram office and PF Hyderabad-Barkatpura office.
Thank you @PF Officers and Appreciate your promptness in work for Withdrawal cases. [Transfer is still painfull procedure :-)]

I would like to give credit to Neha from Humlog.net for providing detailed information about PF withdrawal procedure.