Some special qualities are indispensable
to man in certain circumstances.

Examples are: Courage in adversity, simplicity
in the midst of wealth, valor on the battlefield,
eagerness in acquiring knowledge, and the ability
to speak to public.

Generally, good and bad times alternate in a man’s life.
When a man faces adversity, he should never think
that his good days are over. Just as the day follows
the night, good times are sure to follow the bad.

Only when a man has this conviction, he will be
able to face any difficult situation if life.

Sri Rama in the Ramayana and Dharmaraja in
the Mahabharata had to live in the forest,
but they did so without losing courage
and attained happiness in the end.

Similarly, even if a man acquires a lot of wealth,
he should think that it is due to God’s grace
and learn to live in modesty.

If, however, he feels proud and starts doing wrong
actions, he will have to suffer in the end.

Ravana and Duryodhana attained wealth,
but because of their ego perpetrated evil.
This, we know, eventually led to their destruction.

In the case of a warrior entering the battlefield,
valor should be his outstanding quality.
He cannot hesitate to fight for fear of inflicting pain
on others. Under all circumstances,
he should stand up and fight with undaunted courage.

Again, there is one area in which a man should
not feel satisfied-and that is in the field of acquiring
knowledge. Even if he has knowledge,
he should be eager to learn more.

It will indeed do him good to attend satsangs,
whenever the opportunity presents itself,
and thus augment his wisdom.

Likewise, while addressing a public meeting,
he should be able to speak so as
to gladden the listeners hearts.

These are some of the qualities
which, when regularly practised,
will really change a mans’ life.

Source: Jagadguru Speaks…(1999)