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PSAdmin Disk Space Monitoring.

Below is an example of PSAdmin Disk Space Monitoring shell script which can be customized or enhanced further on requirements!!!

You need to open a VI editor in Unix and Create a shell script as below, Schedule it if required!!!


# A shell script to send message as part of PSAdmin Disk Space Monitoring.

SUBJECT=”Disk Space – Servers”


EMAILMESSAGE=”DataBase_`date +%m%d%y`.txt”

echo “Executed Disk Space Monitor Commands for directories”>$EMAILMESSAGE

echo “——————————-Begin Report————————————————-” >>$EMAILMESSAGE

df -g /psoft* >>$EMAILMESSAGE

df -g /xfer* >>$EMAILMESSAGE

echo “——————————-End Of Report————————————————-“>>$EMAILMESSAGE




If I drink alcohol, I am an alcoholic. But if I drink fanta than……..I am fantastic!!!

Today I was looking at a table with an apparantly empty column and discovered that the field is actually populated with blank spaces – Fortunately this field is of no interest to me and I noticed it purely by chance when I pasted an extract of the dat into excel and happened to notice the cell was unusually wide when I formatted the sheet. Anyway, it reminded me of an issue that is is often worth looking out for of trailing (or I suppose preceeding) spaces.

 Fortunately this is easily solved with the trim function, which will remove white spaces from a field

SELECT  TRIM(fieldname)
,            LTRIM(fieldname)
,            RTRIM(fieldname)
,            LTRIM(RTRIM(fieldname))
FROM     tablename

Depending on the particular ‘flavour’ of SQL being used:
TRIM() will remove both leading and trailing white spaces;
LTRIM() removes leading white spaces (i.e. from the beginning of a string);
RTRIM() removes trailing white space (i.e. from the end of a string);
If TRIM() is not supported, then LTRIM(RTRIM()) will achieve the same result.

You can open a PPF account with ICICI Bank and apart from the regular benefits of a PPF account; you also have the benefit of accessing your PPF account online. Through ICICI Bank Internet banking, you can:

  • Fill form online for PPF account
  • View your PPF account under your ‘My Accounts’ section in the logged in section
  • Transfer funds from linked Savings Bank Account online
  • View and print mini and detailed statement online

Calculating PPF balance for Year 2013, Interest @ 8.7%, it is 1 year calculation…..we can extend further

PPF Calculation

Key Features of PPF – Continue reading

PF Withdrawal procedure

I’m sharing here my experiences of PF withdrawal procedure.

Under any normal circumstances its illegal in India to withdraw your PF. But in transfer procedure there is lot of delay and most of the employees are opting to withdraw the amount.

Keeping in view economic condition and future safety of Employee or person, i personally suggest opening a PPF account if we are opting for withdrawal.

Documents required to submit to your last employer
1.Form 19 (for EPF withdrawal)
2.Form 10c (for EPS withdrawal)
3.A blank cancelled cheque (this is required to verify accuracy of MICR Code Number). The cheque should be of you as a single account holder and not a joint account cheque.

Instructions on how to fill Form 19 and Form 10c
1.Form 19 (for EPF withdrawal, please check below sample form with details)
Sample Form 19
2.Form 10c (for EPS withdrawal,, please check below sample form with details)
Sameple Form 10c

Normally some companies Submit the PF withdrawal forms to PF office and in few cases employees need to submit the form directly in PF office after authentication of forms from the employer.

You can send a courier mail for submission as well. Yes it’s working in Hyderabad. Unlike old days where there is a risk of losing the forms somewhere in postal dept or govt offices, we have a more streamlined procedure now.

Know your claim status

Once your application is forwarded to the epf office by your employer, you can check your claim status on epfo website . You will also receive a sms from epfo stating that your application is received and is under process.

With all this information at your hand, I hope you would enjoy the process of submitting PF forms 🙂

Update: I got my PF money transferred to my account electronically within a month of filing the claims at both PF Chennai-Tambaram office and PF Hyderabad-Barkatpura office.
Thank you @PF Officers and Appreciate your promptness in work for Withdrawal cases. [Transfer is still painfull procedure :-)]

I would like to give credit to Neha from for providing detailed information about PF withdrawal procedure.

Background: My passport expired about 6 months back and I have renewed the passport just today.

Do I need a Passport Agent?

Well, first thing that comes to our mind is do I need an agent to get passport renewed. Honestly, You do NOT need an agent as the process is streamlined.


1. Register Online at Passport Seva Website :

All you need to do is go online and register yourself at the Passport Seva Website .

You have two options to submit your application.

You can download the Application form which is in PDf format, once you validate the file xml gets generated and then you can upload the xml file.

Or you can file the online application form and submit it.

2. Book a Slot or Walk –in :

Once your registration is done on PSK website, we can pay the Passport application amount online using Netbanking, Debit Card or Credit Card.

Once the payment is done automatically an appointment slot is booked and related information is displayed on screen.

Other option is you need to visit the PSK early morning like around 7am and take adhoc appointment. Normally they give 40 tokens perday.

3. Identify the list of documents :

You have a nice step by step guide to help you identify the list of documents that you need for your passport renewal. NO Additional documents are required

List of documents for Indian Passport Issue /Renewal / Re-issue

  • You must print out the online form that you printed out      with the Application Reference number (ARN) and carry with you. It is      mandatory to have this document with you.

Same Address as in your Old Passport

  • You do NOT need anything other than photo copy of your      passport first page, last page and the page with ECNR info. You will do      self-attestation ( your own signature)
  • If you would like to add your spouse name, carry      original and photo copy of your marriage certificate. It is required.
  • Carry DOB proof [SSC certificate]

Change in Address – Different one from your Old passport address

  • Just like above, first, last and ECNR page photo copy      with self attestation
  • Address proof of change in address – Any one of the      below is acceptable.
    • Any one of the Utility bills like Water, Telephone,   Electricity Bills – You need at least for 2 months of which one should be  of current year and other should be of previous year.
    • Proof of gas connection.
    • Ration Card with address.
    • Bank Statement for 1 year, Passbook of the bank account with address on it.
    • Any of the cards like Adhar card, Voter ID, etc.

There are other set of documents that you can get off the website. The above are very common ones.

[Required document at high level are : Proof of Adrees, Proof of Identity and Birth Certificate if born after 1989]

4. Go to Passport Seva Kendra

If you have got a slot, go at that exact time or 15 min before, no need to go there and sweat.

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Pushkaram is a Sanskrit word meaning “the one who purifies”. Pushkaram is the time during which the rivers are worshipped. In India festivals are mainly the days that hold spiritual significances like birthdays of gods, goddesses, religious seers and saints apart from some national festivals. Among them Pushmaram is considered to be very sacred as the rivers in India are equivalent to goddesses. It is celebrated for 12 sacred rivers which represent 12 zodiac signs according to Hindu mythology and it comes once in 12 years.

  Pushkaram comes for every 12 years and is the duration of the Jupiter entering and staying in the concerned zodiac sign. Each zodiac is associated with 12 rivers as follows: Ganges River with Aries; Narmada River with Taurus; Saraswati River with Gemini; Yamuna River with Cancer; Godavari River with Leo; Krishna River with Virgo; Kaveri River with Libra; Bhima River or Tambaraparni with Scorpio; Brahmaputra River with Sagittarius; Tungabhadra River with Capricorn; Indus River with Aquarius; Pranahita (tributary of Godavari) River with Pisces.

  The first twelve days when the Jupiter enters a zodiac sign is called Adi Puskharam. The last 12 days when the Jupiter leaves a zodiac are called Antya Pushkaram. These 24 days are celebrated on the banks of the respective rivers with pomp and vigor. A holy dip taken in the waters of the rivers during Pushkaram will wash away all our sins. This is a very strong belief in Hinduism. Along with prayers, people also do rites to the ancestors on the banks of the rivers during the time of Pushkaram. It is believed that they will reach ultimate heavens emancipated from cycle of life and death because of these rites.

Saraswati River Pushkararam is a holy festival celebrated for once in 12 years in India. The 12 day Saraswati River pushkarams celebrations begin from May 31, 2013(Friday) to June 11, 2013(Tuesday). For once in 12 years, Saraswati Pushkaralu takes place when Bruhaspati(Jupiter/Gurudu) enters into Mithuna(Gemini) Rasi. This time Saraswati Pushkaram begins on Vysaka Bahula Saptami May 31, 2013(Friday).

According to the Hindu Mythology on this auspicious date and time all gods and also Pushakara take a dip in the river of Saraswati. It is believed that all the sins will be lost by taking holy bath in the Saraswati river during this auspicious time.
The origin of the ancient river Saraswati is in the Siwalik range of hills between the rivers Sutlej and the Yamuna. The Siwalik Hills belong to the lower Himalaya Group of Mountains in north-eastern India. The rivers Hakra(in Pakistan) and the Ghaggar(in India) have been identified as the lost Saraswati.The Saraswati river is mentioned in the Vedic texts namely Rig Veda and was considered as one of the holiest rivers.
There are not many records about this river as it is believed to be evaporated into the desert region in Rajasthan. At present the ancient river Saraswati is no more existence on earth. The Ghaggar-Hukra was the Saraswati relic which was accepted by many archaeologists.
The Saraswati Pushakaram 2013 is celebrated in Gujarat, Haryana and Rajasthan States in India.

Hindu Marriage Registration – Hyderabad

Affix court fees on Form A
Get the signature of Sub registrar officer / Marriage Officer on Form A [He will ask couple of general marriage related questions]
Submit the form in SRO office on same day
Bride and Bridegroom needs to sign on the marriage register along with witnesses after verification of identity proofs.
SRO will collect all the evidences of marriage
You will normally get your marriage certificate on same day [I paid informal fees of around Rs700 for getting this done as I was in urgency/personal work].

Click here to download Form A
Form-A , Hindu Marriage Application Form

Documents required:
1. Get Form A [You can get the document downloaded from above hyperlink. The form might be different from place to place, you need to Fill Details,Write Full Name of Wife – Before Marriage/After Marriage, Write Religion and Caste clearly. Verify your details in Form A as the corrections can be a long process in GOVT organizations!]
2. Marriage Invitation
3. Marriage Photos
[• 2 Photos of Bride and Groom in marriage dress taken during marriage ritual which clearly show they are taking part in marriage ceremony.]
4. DOB Proof – Husband and Wife
[• Documents which serve as Proof of Age
Preferably 10th class marks memo which has your photo and also your date of Birth on it.]
5. Address Proof– Husband and Wife
[• Address proof of current residing address which should be on Bride or Grooms name.
o Some of the accepted documents are Passport,Drivers Lisence, Voter ID card, GAS card, Eletricity Bill on the name of the applicant. Atleast one of the applicant should have government issue Residence proof if not booth the applicants.]
6. 3 Witness with ID Proof’s
7. Court Fees of RS 2.00
8. Need to carry Original and Xerox copies of Address and ID Proof documents.


Some special qualities are indispensable
to man in certain circumstances.

Examples are: Courage in adversity, simplicity
in the midst of wealth, valor on the battlefield,
eagerness in acquiring knowledge, and the ability
to speak to public.

Generally, good and bad times alternate in a man’s life.
When a man faces adversity, he should never think
that his good days are over. Just as the day follows
the night, good times are sure to follow the bad.

Only when a man has this conviction, he will be
able to face any difficult situation if life.

Sri Rama in the Ramayana and Dharmaraja in
the Mahabharata had to live in the forest,
but they did so without losing courage
and attained happiness in the end.

Similarly, even if a man acquires a lot of wealth,
he should think that it is due to God’s grace
and learn to live in modesty.

If, however, he feels proud and starts doing wrong
actions, he will have to suffer in the end.

Ravana and Duryodhana attained wealth,
but because of their ego perpetrated evil.
This, we know, eventually led to their destruction.

In the case of a warrior entering the battlefield,
valor should be his outstanding quality.
He cannot hesitate to fight for fear of inflicting pain
on others. Under all circumstances,
he should stand up and fight with undaunted courage.

Again, there is one area in which a man should
not feel satisfied-and that is in the field of acquiring
knowledge. Even if he has knowledge,
he should be eager to learn more.

It will indeed do him good to attend satsangs,
whenever the opportunity presents itself,
and thus augment his wisdom.

Likewise, while addressing a public meeting,
he should be able to speak so as
to gladden the listeners hearts.

These are some of the qualities
which, when regularly practised,
will really change a mans’ life.

Source: Jagadguru Speaks…(1999)


I came across an interesting reading in Sankshipt Shiva Puran today,

As per Shiva puran,

1) a person who performs worship or temple darshan of Lord Shiva and Parvati on a day which is with conjunct with Ardra Nakshatra, he will get benefited immensely. Particularly if its with Margeshwara masa yukta Ardra Nakshatra , the person is treated equals to Lord Kartikeyas bhakti.

2) a person who perform Puja /Homam /Japa which is related to Pranava mantra or “OM” on Chaturdasi yukta Ardra Nakshatra gets immense punya, if it is surya sankranthi yukta Ardra Nakshatra it gives koti gun phala for single chant of mantra.

Ardra Nakshatra is the sixth Nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras.

For the benefits of reader please find below Ardra Nakshatra 2013 date and time based on traditional Hindu calendar /Panchangam. {as per Indian Standard Time (IST)}

January 25, 2013
Time is from 9:57 AM on January 24 to 12:26 AM on January 25
February 21, 2013
Time is from 5:10 PM on February 20 to 7:41 PM on February 21
March 20, 2013
Time is from 12:15 AM on March 20 to 2:49 AM on March 21
April 17, 2013
Time is from 7:23 AM on April 16 to 9:56 AM on April 17
May 14, 2013
Time is from 2:36 PM on May 13 to 5:13 PM on May 14
June 10, 2013
Time is from 10:02 PM on June 9 to 12:38 AM on June 11
July 7 and 8
Time is from 5:25 AM on July 7 to 8:08 AM on July 8.
August 4, 2013
Time is from 12:44 PM on August 3 to 3:20 PM on August 4
August 31, 2013
Time is from 7:49 PM on August 30 to 10:25 PM on August 31
September 27, 2013
Time is from 2:46 AM on September 27 to 5:20 AM on September 28
October 25, 2013
Time is from 9:48 AM on October 24 to 12:21 PM on October 25
November 21, 2013
Time is from 4:52 PM on November 20 to 7:26 PM on November 21
December 18, 2013
Time is from 12:08 AM on December 18 to 2:36 AM on December 19