Other Possible Problems
– Cannot find service operation in Service Operation Monitor.
– Service operations are being processed in an incorrect order.
– Service operation is not created.
– Unable to ping a node.
– Queue is PAUSED.

Cannot Find Service Operation in Service Operation Monitor – possible cause:
– filtering is set in the Service Operation Monitor.

Service Operations are Being Processed in an Incorrect Order – possible cause:
– Queue was partitioned and the resulting subqueues do not match what was assumed for the ordering of the service operations.

Service Operation Instance not Created – possible cause:
– service operation is inactive.

Unable to Ping a Node – possible causes are:
– The web server for the Gateway is down.
– The Gateway is not configured properly.
– The application server for the node is down.
– The Gateway URL is incorrect; verify that the URL is correct.
Copy URL in browser address; you should see:
PeopleSoft Integration Gateway
PeopleSoft Listening Connector
Status: ACTIVE

Queue Is PAUSED – possible cause:
– some Queues are delivered as paused. Change the status to Run for the service operations to process from New to Working.