Subscription Process Problems:
– Subscription contract is not created.
– Subscription contract is in NEW status.
– Subscription contract is in STARTED status.
– Subscription contract is in WORKING status.
– Subscription contract is in ERROR status.
– Subscription contract is in EDIT status.

Subscription Contract Is not Created – possible causes are:
– No handler exists for the service operation.
– Service operation handler is missing method.
– Queue routing rules not set up properly.

Subscription Contract Is in NEW Status – possible causes are:
– Application Server is down.
– Pub/Sub processes not configured on Application Server domain.
– The Subscription Dispatcher has crashed or has been brought down.
– Receiving queue is paused.
– Receiving node is paused.
– Previous service operation had errors or timed out.
– No row was inserted into PSAPMSGSUBPRCID, To insert a row enter the following SQL statement in your Query tool use the following statement: insert into PSAPMSGSUBPRCID values(0)

Subscription Contract Is in STARTED Status – possible causes are:
– Subscription Handler is down.
– Target component is not valid.

Subscription Contract Is in WORKING Status – possible causes are:
– Subscription Handler crashed while processing message.

Subscription Contract Is in ERROR Status – possible causes are:
– Queue property if Ordered enables subscription contracts to go in random order, which causes FULLSYNC service operations to error out when the transaction is subscribed before the header.
– Service operation handler PeopleCode errors exist.
– Application data errors exist.

Subscription Contract Is in EDIT Status – possible cause is
– XML was edited and is not yet resubmitted for processing.