Publication Process Problems:
– Publication contract is not created.
– Publication contract is in NEW status.
– Publication contract stays in RETRY status.
– Publication contract is in WORKING status.
– Publication contract is in TIMEOUT status.
– Publication contract is in ERROR status.

Publication Contract Is Not Created – possible causes are:
– No publication PeopleCode exists.
– Publication PeopleCode is incorrect.
– No outbound routings exists for the service operation.
– User initiating a publication does not have access to the Service Operation.

Publication Contract Is in NEW Status – possible causes are:
– Sending node is not set as Active.
– Sending queue is paused (not in Run status).
– Sending domain is not active.
– Previous service operation had a status of Retry, Error, or Timeout.
– Publication Dispatcher crashed or was brought down.
– Publication Handler process type has only one instance (Min Instances = 1, Max Instances = 1), while a minimum of 3 is needed for normal operation.
– After an unsuccessful ping, a row may be added to the table PSNODESDOWN; which will hold up the message queue; query the table PSNODESDOWN.
The application server log file may show the statement: PSPUBDSP_dflt.1844 (1) [08/28/12 00:20:16](4) (PublishSubscribe): PublicationContractManager::IsNodeAvailable(): publication contract synchronization activated for queue XXXXX

Publication Contract Stays in RETRY Status – possible causes are:
– The remote node cannot be pinged successfully; the publication contract will be processed when the remote node comes back up.
– No publication handler is available, either because it crashed or it was brought down.
– Receiving Node URL is incorrect in file.

Publication Contract Is in WORKING Status – possible causes are:
– The publication handler processing the contract is on another machine and either the machine or the domain is down. Processing should continue when the pub/sub system on the other machine comes back up.
– Single threading on the application server is slowing processing.

Publication Contract Is in TIMEOUT Status – possible causes are:
– An exception occurred on the target application server (look in APPSRV.LOG file for details); verify that:
– The reply is incorrectly routed; check Gateway for correct machine address of target node.
– Bad XML syntax.

Publication Contract Is in ERROR Status – possible causes are:
– Receiving node user profile not authorized to service operation.
– Inbound routing is not set up on the receiving system.
– Service operation is not active on the receiving system.
– Service operation has not been granted security access on the receiving system.
– The source node is not defined in the target database.
– Handler PeopleCode is bad.
– Remote application server is down.
– Receiving Node is not defined in the file.
– Receiving PeopleSoft node has not been added to single signon.
– Service operation version on target is not active.