Change control is used in Application Designer to lock definitions and track history changes for each object. Change control can be activated through Application Designer using Tools > Change Control > Administrator.

After few good size projects, you can easily have hundreds if not thousands of locked objects. Attempting to unlock the objects one by one is very time consuming, so here is a way to speed up the process.

Locked objects are stored on PSCHGCTLLOCK table. Here is how PeopleSoft describes the table:

This table contains a a row for every object that is currently locked by any user. When the user requests to lock an object in the Application Designer, first this table is searched to see if the object is locked by another user. If it is not found, a row is inserted into the table. When the user requests to unlock an object, the row in this table is deleted.

From the description above, I would feel safe enough to assume that if you want to unlock objects, just delete them from this table! Here is an example to delete by operator ID, you can also delete by object name or object type.

— deletes locked objects by user id.
DELETE FROM pschgctllock
      WHERE oprid = :userid;