Here is the code which will add a Welcome Message in PIA Header.

Open Application Package PT_BRANDING, Application Class BrandingBase, Method getIframeHeaderHTML.
– look at the beginning of the function.


Local string &greeting = ” “;


/* – Adding user and environment to branding */
Local string &greeting = %UserId | ” on ” | %DbName;

/* – End */

– look also in this function for the line “&greeting = &Portal.Homepage.Greeting;”

and comment it like this:

/* – commenting this line, so the message remains the customized one, not the one set-up from the Homepage personalize Content
&greeting = &Portal.Homepage.Greeting;
– End */

This customization is present in HR Development environment. You may also want to refer below Oracle SR.
Reference: E-PIA: How to Add a Welcome Message in the Application Portal Header [ID 1098274.1]