Application Engine

State Records
Required Process_instance as only Key-Name should end with _AET
Thought of as in Program memory – Data is saved to databases at commit to enable restart
%bind(recordname.fieldname) (for non default records only)

select oprid,run_cntl_id,’L’ From ps_aeruncontrol where process_instance = %bind(process_instance)



Temporary Tables
Should have Process Instance as key Name should end with _TAO
Use with Meta SQL for correct Table name
Use for Set Processing

Control Tables
PS_AE_RUN_CONTROL – Keyed by Operator ID and Run Control ID
PS_AERUNCONTROL – Keyed by Process Instance, Operator ID and Run Control ID
This is the "memory" of where a program is stopped

PeopleSoft tools Tables

PSAEAPPLDEFN – AE Definition Record
PSAEAPPLSTATE – Lists all State Records for an AE Program
PSAEAPPLTEMPTBL – Lists all Temp Records for an AE Program
PSAESECTDEFN – Lists all Sections within an AE Probram
PSAESECTDTLDEFN – Detail Section Information
PSAESTEPDEFN – Detail Step Information
PSAESTEPMSGDEFN – Message Step Information
PSAESTMTDEFN – SQL within the Step