IT Education in India

I had this subject in mind and wanted to capture and know more about any solutions which may come up.

From NASSCOM estimate, only 25% of the engineers graduating are employable and this is very less.

The software industry’s demands and the universities’ quality of academic supplies have not been tallying for a while. As universities fail to adequately prepare students for the professional world, most IT companies are forced to increase the duration of training and consequently annual expenditure.

On an average companies like TCS, INFY, Wipro and MSAT spend around $4000-$5000 approx on training every employee it hires.

Experts feel the talent available needs to be aligned to requirements of the industry to race ahead of competition in the global market.

The skill gap is due to the lack of active partnership between the industry and universities.

The syllabus is not aligned to the needs of the industry

 The industry has been suffering for years with market-ready talent becoming a rare commodity. The requirements of the companies keep changing too.  To handle this kind of situation we should have a strong plan and proper execution , I’m having a draft of what can be done here….i want to collate some possible solutions and represent it at a nice forum, details I will publish in some time. Proposed solutions as below

Nine point something- IT Industry woes

1)      Providing Hardware and Software Infrastructure for education systems on concessional rates.

2)      Implementing Industry Oriented Courses from Final I Semester itself.

3)      Adoption of Colleges, Mainly Final II Semester students by IT companies on rotation basis. “U Train and U Gain policy for corporate”.

4)      Guest lectures by Alumni members. At least a week contribution on any final year courses with minimum extra wages given by colleges to Alumni or Faculty who opt on self nomination basis.

5)      Having a HR Placement Officer for each college who can coordinate campus placements for the Industry. To be in regular touch with HR Partners of Company and preparing strategy before Placement season begins.

6)      NASSCOM Role – Maintaining close interaction with the Government and Colleges of India in formulating National IT policies with specific focus on IT software and services.

7)      NAC-  All India Assessment of Competence based on final year Training. Mandatory and Minimum requirement for getting selected to any of the Top IT companies. (Based on three courses in Final Year. No %’s only grades of eligibility)

8)      Forming Alumnus for every college and having a meet at least once in 1 yr. 

9)      Alumnus contributes to University/College with equal contribution from Govt. as development fund.

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