People Say ‘Gandipet ka paani jisne piya woh Hyderabad nahin chodta’.

Even though the city has metro character, it has not lost human element. People here are friendly and accepting. City has turned into an IT Hub, Educational Hub , Health Care Hub , Tourism Hub giving lot of prospects to all generations.

It’s a cultural cauldron, People from north and south cultures meet here. So everyone can feel at home and cultural difference as you go south or north does not exist. It is just perfect. The synthesis of languages is quite interesting as many co-exist. There is a blend of marathi, urdu, telugu..etc spoken on streets of hyderabad. The Telangana dialect is influenced by Urdu. People here are having humblest opinions and there is nothing called as self promotion.

Hyderabadis have take it easy or "light lelo" attitude and even if the world is crashing around them, the pace of life here would remain still the same.

There are artistic monuments dating back to kakatiya rulers , nizams and modern structures built recently. Cuisine is a blend of north, south, iranian , turkish, arab  etc. Authentic Hyderabadi food like Haleem (Turkish origin Dish) , Hyderabadi biryani are easy to find and  are the popular one’s among non-veggies. You have wide range of food available all throughout the year.

Hyderabadis are movie freaks. Halls are houseful at anytime of the day or night. We have may be highest rash drivers and enjoy worst share auto system where tenpeople are stuffed in a small auto meant for three. The pace of vehicle movement is also frightening. Vehicles brush dangerously missing collision by less than an inch in every traffic bottleneck.

Hyderabadis are never on time. Its a status symbol , though its a pan Indian reality we see more of this in Hyd. Later you come the better it is. Nothing starts early here. The higher you move on the social ladder, the more you are expected to start work late. I’m a butt of jokes among friends because i have to reach office at 9.30AM for Daily Status Call. Hyderabad Pearls are famous for there quality among others.

The most striking thing about Hyderabadis is their zest for life. While pub culture in the city could be a fairly new phenomenon, its already brimming with people who are full of energy and want to have good time. Festivals in the city are celebrated with a unique harmonious fervous, given the mix of communities the city has.

The idea about this blog surfaced from Mama Gang (Jiten, Karthik, Sinoj , Vishnu ,Pavan ,Sameer , Venkat , Vivek dude….) Kudos to all.

Well the Equation is so perfect that i don’t think i would like to live anywhere else.