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I have cleared 2 papers to be a BO-CP CR. My expeience in handling Report requirements in Projects has really helped me to clear this easily. 

Business Objects is a French Enterprise company, specializing in business intelligence (BI). It is now part of SAP AG. The company claims more than 42,000 customers worldwide. Their flagship product is BusinessObjects XI, with components that provide performance management, planning reporting, query and analysis, and enterprise information management. Like many enterprise software companies, Business Objects also offers consulting and education services to help customers deploy their business intelligence projects.

Business Objects Certified Professional – Crystal Rports:

RDCR201 Business Objects Certified Professional – Crystal Reports XI – Level One

This exam will measure your knowledge of Crystal Reports starting at creating a report with basic formulas through to managing and creating specialized reports.

RDCR301 Business Objects Certified Professional – Crystal Reports XI – Level Two

This exam will measure your knowledge of Crystal Reports starting at planning and creating reports to help analyze and interpret important information through to setting up, configuring and maintaining data connections for reports.

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Knowledge Management is not managing or organizing books or journals, searching the Internet for clients or arranging the circulation of materials.
However, each of the activities can in some way be part of the Knowledge Management spectrum and process. Knowledge Management is about enhancing the use of organizational knowledge through sound practices of Knowledge Management and Organizational learning. Thus Knowledge Management is a combination of Information Management, Communication and human resources.
Metalink is a service provided by Oracle to customers who want any sort of technical assistance. You can either search the existing knowledge by searching for key words or you can log a specific Technical Assistance Request (TAR).
Some of my whitepapers Published in Oracle Metalink are given below:
Our Best Practices for implementing Oracle PeopleSoft projects : Meta Link Doc ID – 473718.1
For successful implementation of Oracle People soft project Standard Operating Procedures play a very important role. This white paper reflects our experience and some of what we have found to be best practices that we followed during implementation of People soft Project. Most of the points mentioned here are taken from People Books V.9.0. These practices might help Oracle PeopleSoft Technical Consultants in developing, debugging and testing environments. Every project can incorporate such procedures for better implementation experience in Oracle – PeopleSoft Projects.
Our Experience With PeopleSoft Project to Design and Prepare Workflows : Meta Link Doc ID – 579732.1
Many of the day-to-day processes in business are part of larger tasks that involve several steps and several people working together. This white paper intends to discuss the various experiences’ we had during implementation of PeopleSoft Project to design and prepare workflows. Further, some enhancements are also mentioned to better utilize the power of workflows. The paper might be found useful by a PeopleSoft Functional to gain insights into the general logic and mapping of workflows.
My Experience with PeopleSoft Reporting Tools During a Project Implementation : Meta Link Doc ID – 567979.1
This white paper describes an experience and some of the methods that I followed during implementation of PeopleSoft Project. These practices might help Oracle PeopleSoft Technical Consultants in developing, debugging and testing Crystal Reports. The Integration of Crystal Reports with PS Query and Processes gives us flexibility to run reports from PIA. We can leverage the features of Crystal and PeopleSoft Query to make optimum and efficient usage of it, thus generating highly modeled reports with ease.
Recently one of my work was selected for Presentation @ UKOUG [Oracle User Group] Peoplesoft Conference and Exhibition 2008.
This event is gonna take place in Birmingham, UK.

I would like to tell you about UKOUG PeopleSoft 2008 Conference & Exhibition which is taking place within the annual UKOUG Conference in December. UKOUG’s annual Conference is the largest Oracle user event held in EMEA with content from real users across all the Oracle product sets.

This year’s Conference, which is the twentieth annual Conference, will for the first time, include a separate PeopleSoft Conference.  This will cover Financials, HR and Technology streams and will include a wide range of topics, appealing to users at all levels.

The Conference will provide a forum for discussion, a place to share knowledge and ideas between users of PeopleSoft software and will provide attendees with the chance to hear the latest information from key PeopleSoft personnel about product development.  There will be opportunities to see customer case studies, PeopleSoft product overviews and participate in panel discussions and open forums.

Alongside the educational program I will have access to the Exhibition featuring a number of providers of Oracle solutions. This is the perfect place to research vendors for future technology investments and complementary solution providers. 


My topic of presentation @ this event is "Integrating Thirdparty systems using Webservices."


PeopleSoft offers several application integration solutions to integrate two different applications be it PeopleSoft applications or third party systems. Apart from messaging, Integration Broker also includes Connector development that enables connectors to be customized for a particular integration scenario. Besides Integration Broker, PeopleSoft integration technologies also include Component Interface and Application Engine. Third party system integration using Web services , SOAPDoc and XMLDoc classes will be explored here.


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